Help! Will you please help me find Kitty, my runaway purrcious?

My cat is up to being her fun self again, playing hide and seek with me and like always it's my turn to seek. Funny, 3000 years ago, cats were worshiped as gods, we might have forgotten it but my runoff cat surely hasn't.

Kitty is anything but a couch purrtato, the cat makes me run around town, fall off my feet and what not, she's hard to get a hold of when she's in the mood. And today she's in the mood! She could be anywhere, hiding under cars, over the dining table, in the bath tub, on my neighbour's porch, in the fish market, the world is her playground and my puzzle! Come live the adventures of Kitty in this must-have, super simple, cute game. But, Kitty is very smart so guessing will only take you so far, you'll have to use as much logic as you can in finding her, she's actually always just a tap away.

Play 150+ levels
Explore unique locations
Immerse yourself in a whole new art style
Collect toys for her to play with
Find Kitty with a simple tap
Enjoy unpredictable moments
Use hints to help solve the puzzles!

Play this funny and easy puzzle game now to help find kitty and groove your way to the purrfect score! We promise you, this fun cat game is unlike any you've played.


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